Course Description

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This course will be a discussion of various concepts related to exercise physiology. By the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of exercise physiology by achieving satisfactory evaluations on examinations of the following topics: bioenergetics; neural-endocrine control of metabolism; metabolic responses to exercise; pulmonary ventilation; cardiovascular function; skeletal muscle structure and contractile properties; principles of skeletal muscle adaptation; nutrition and athletic performance; ergogenic aids; and fatigue during exercise. Students are encouraged to think physiologically and attempt to make practical application about the topics we discuss.

Course Outline

Unit 1:  Introduction; Bioenergetics; Metabolism; Exercise adaptions

Unit 2:  Skeletal system; Muscles and contractions; Muscular training principles & adaptations; Neuromuscular aspects of movement

Unit 3:  Cardiometabolic testing; Respiration &  training adaptations; Cardiovascular system & responses to exercise; Cardiorespiratory training adaptations

Unit 4:  Body composition; Thermoregulation; Cardiorespiratory disease risk factors; Neuroendrocrine & immune system

Learner Outcomes

  1. Understand the functional changes in the body brought about through exercise and training.
  2. Effectively compare and contrast the available energy systems, how to manipulate them through training, and apply this knowledge to physical training scenarios
  3. Understand the effects on the body of environmental stress, the use of performance-enhancing aids, and diet.
  4. Explain the scientific bases of fitness programs, physical education curricula, and athletic conditioning.
  5. Understand the implications for prudence in prescribing activity for those of diverse stages of growth, maturation, and aging, and in accordance with differences in gender, fitness level, body build, culture, and body composition
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