Exercise and nutrition coaching is a growing area of need as people across the United States and the globe continue to battle against obesity, cardiovascular disease, psychological stress, and other physical and emotional challenges. As this client base grows, more and more people are uncovering the joy and satisfaction that comes from being able to help someone on their journey to improve their health, losing weight, and bolstering their fitness and confidence.


This certificate has been developed for any individual who wants to learn more about the key factors one must have to help someone improve their health and fitness.  Are you a person who found exercise and nutrition coaching after being helped by someone else or after being on your own weight loss and health improvement journey? Are you someone who is feeling the tug of a career pivot because the life of working behind a desk doesn’t fill your heart the way helping people with their health and fitness goals does? This certificate was designed as an option for these types of people and others to get more formalized education in a format that is attainable, affordable, rigorous, and will shore up the core educational tenets for someone to safely and effectively serve as a health and exercise coach.  Completion of of all 5 courses will prepare you to complete a professional certification and begin a career in a commercial gym or other fitness facility.


Earning the certificate is not required. Each course can be taken per your level of interest and purchased independently for the full course fee. The content for each course is designed to work as either a standalone or combine all  5 to receive the certification. However, the best benefit for your knowledge and to support your client base is to invest in the certificate. Courses and descriptions are listed below.  

NOTE: All courses offer multiple sections to best fit your needs. Each course section allows a maximum of 8 weeks for completion from class start date. Please plan accordingly when scheduling multiple courses. Courses are not eligible for refunds. 

Select the certificate bundle option at checkout and receive a one time,15% discount which applies to all 5 courses! Bundled courses must be completed within 1 year of purchase.


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NOTE: Courses are online, self-paced with an 8 week completion period per course.


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