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Agile Project Management plus ACP Prep Program

Project management philosophy and practices have evolved from traditional 'waterfall' methods, where a project plan is put together in its entirety to fulfill deliverables, such as a new system or product. Agile philosophy is geared toward smaller deliverables, such as delivering a single module or feather. Therefore, the risks are smaller and utilization is quicker. While agile philosophy is rooted in application software development, it is being utilized in other contexts, such as continuous improvement projects.

This certificate consists of three mini-courses: Agile Project Management Fundamentals, Scrum Essentials, and Agile Certified Practitioner Prep. Students will learn the different methods of managing projects using Agile methods, and ultimately be better prepared for the project management job market. More importantly, students will be better prepared to take the PMI ACP exam.

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