90.00 Hours Required

Virtual Communication

Learn the skills to work from home without sacrificing quality of communication. The Virtual Communications certificate prepares remote workers with the hardware and software knowledge necessary to succeed no matter where you're located. Video and audio editing, as well as video conferencing are now skills that a growing proportion of the global workforce need to excel in their roles.

Those who complete the certificate will be able to 1) be proficient in remote recording and digital audio recording, editing of sound, mixing, and final production, 2) be proficient in the various applications and software available for video conferencing, as well as screen capturing, screen recording, and screen sharing, 3) be proficient in using shots, camera, lights, props and background elements, master plots, one and multi-panel cartoons, comics, storyboards, animatics and story-reels and apply in video-editing software.

The three required online courses to earn the certificate are:

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Podcast Production
  • Video Conferencing

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